MK Geek Night

#18 Sep 18 2016

  • In-person event
  • Talks start 19:30

Topics, speakers & schedule

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Harry Roberts

Working with, and Refactoring, Legacy CSS

Working with CSS is tricky enough as it is; working with legacy CSS can be nightmarish. In this talk, we’ll look at how we decide what to refactor and when; how we can refactor code whilst still shipping features; how to avoid regressions when adding new CSS; how we can avoid the dreaded refactoring tunnels; running new and legacy code in tandem; and a bunch of other neat little tips and tricks.

About Harry

With a client list including Google, Unilever, and the United Nations, Harry is an award-winning Consultant Front-end Architect who helps organisations and teams across the globe to plan, build, and maintain product-scale UIs.

He writes on the subjects of CSS architecture, performance, and scalability at; develops and maintains inuitcss; authored CSS Guidelines; and Tweets at @csswizardry.

Harry Roberts

Ruth John

Let’s talk about MIDI

What do you think of when I say MIDI, bad computer music? Websites playing annoying background noise when you land on them? Then let me let you into a little secret, let me introduce and educate you into a new world of MIDI.

MIDI is at it’s simplest a data protocol and doesn’t have to be associated with audio at all. With the incredible amount of compatible hardware available to us, alongside the new Web MIDI API, we can start to have a *lot* of fun with a new world of hardware-powered web tech.

In this enticing and interactive presentation we’ll journey through the different MIDI specifications and look at other web APIs. From sound with General MIDI and the Web Audio API, to the MIDI Show Control, timing firework and fountain displays with the Web Animation API and on to the latest MIDI BLE standard, what a better way to demo the Web Bluetooth API.

The web is getting hardware-ready and this talk is a great beginning to those APIs at our fingertips. Think you know MIDI - think again there’s so much more to it.

About Ruth

Ruth is a web technologist and Google Developer Expert. She likes to educate people about new web technologies and inspire them to try them, coming up with exciting and engaging ways to use them. Her favourite things include hacking on hardware and 80s cartoons. On special occasions she does both at the same time.

Ruth John

Ben Seymour

Making the most of Your Fears

Our fears need not be rational to have an impact on our lives. A short talk on perspective, focus, and using one of my strong irrational but unavoidable fears (of flying) as a positive force.

About Ben

Ben the Director of Solution Consulting at Amplience, the author of "Practical Responsive Images" and an avid Code Club volunteer. He is passionate about helping individuals and organisations make the most of the great potential offered by today's technologies and services.

Ben Seymour

Mark Goodwin

One Weird Trick

Building secure applications takes knowledge and experience. There are no quick fixes.

Despite this, there are things you can do to help yourself. In particular, there is one weird trick that will help you make your software more secure. Mark would like to tell you about it.

About Mark

Mark is a security engineer at Mozilla, creators of the popular Firefox web browser. Mark works on crypto engineering and web security problems.

Mark Goodwin

Axel Segebrecht

A new hackathon for the good of Milton Keynes

A quick overview of the success of the latest hack in Milton Keynes. What was achieved, what is coming next and how you can be involved in the current and future projects.

About Axel

Axel helps people communicate better through using the latest digital technology. He is scouting out trends, cutting edge and disruptive technologies and services that can assist in making processes run smoother and deliver more value for money. He currently supports Cranfield University’s digital transformation programme.

Axel Segebrecht
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