MKGN #32 will be held on March 12th 2020 - doors open at 18.30 with our first speaker on stage around 19.30. Bar stays open until 23:00 so stick around for drinks and chat

Charlotte Dann

Taking the Web off the Screen

Most web developers don’t get the joyous experience of touching and feeling the things they’ve created. Interest in generative art on the web is at an all-time high, but predominantly confined to screens and pixels, without much room for tactility.

Through her unwavering enthusiasm for making physical things, Charlotte will demonstrate a myriad of ways you can use your coding prowess to make art in the physical realm.

About Charlotte

Charlotte Dann is a creative technologist and maker. Combining her two vocations of jewellery design and web development, she created Hexatope, a web app that enables anyone to design their own jewellery online, which she then fabricates in her East London studio.

Mike Kus

How to Thrive as a Web Designer into 2020 and Beyond

It's human nature to follow the crowd, but in order to stand out, you sometimes need to stand-alone. Mike Kus believes that every client is unique, yet many websites look the same. In this talk, Mike will share his secrets on using one's own creative thinking to extract an organisation's identity, then use it as the inspiration for crafting truly distinctive web design.

About Mike

British designer Mike Kus specialises in Web/Graphic Design, Branding, Communication Design, Illustration & Photography. Working in the design industry since 1997, Mike has built a worldwide client roster. He strives to combine the best of technology with creativity to design engaging digital experiences.

Mark Barraclough

Good Habits of Successful Design Agencies

As industry rushes to embrace automation, the needs of the human workforce risk being sidelined. By sharing some good habits of successful design agencies I've worked for, I'd like to bring the attention back to the people and maybe even help improve staff retention rates in the process.

About Mark

Mark is a freelance designer based in Milton Keynes. He graduated from Bath Spa University back when polo necks were common and artwork was sent on a zip disc. After serving his time in London, he worked in Melbourne for a couple of years, but came home for proper beer and decent sausages. When Mark’s not designing you’ll find him walking the dog, in downward dog or doggedly returning tennis balls.

Matthew Waruszynski

Creative Side Projects

Matt will discuss the joys and benefits of taking time out for your own creative side project.

From personal experience Matt will show how they offer the opportunity to learn new skills, have fun and get unexpected results.

About Matthew

Matt is an animator and designer based in Milton Keynes, now in his 4th year with his studio Rocket Cow.

He is a constant doodler and specialises in creating fun and quirky, character driven content for clients.

Matt has been a 'creative professional' now for long enough to know that there are easier ways to earn money. Still he just can't stop himself!

Rajan Kashyap

Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrencies and its impact on our life

Blockchain is a buzzword that everyone has heard unless you were living in a cave for the last 5 years. But everyone thinks that it is all about Cryptocurrencies or Bitcoins. However, there is much more to Blockchain and have far more impact on our lives and economic transactions. Imagine an autonomous car is able to manage itself without any intermediary like a fleet/rental provider. The rental contract, renter's identity, and cars' keys are stored on Blockchain. The economic transaction happening between human and machine with no need for any third party, resulting in a major impact on the economics of the automotive industry. This talk is about some of these sorts of changes in various aspects of our lives.

About Rajan

Rajan Kashyap is a fellow with UCL and author of the book "A CxO handbook to Blockchain". An avid blogger on the latest technologies and its impact on daily life.


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