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#33 Jun 25 2020

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Akil Benjamin

Radical Work Needs Radical Preparation

About Akil

Akil Benjamin is a biologist turned design thinker. Leading the research team at Comuzi, a design invention studio, Akil works with innovators to produce new, digital products services and experiences. Taking on a role which explores how individuals and communities experience the world around them, Akil specialises in crafting positive human experiences.

Having the privilege of working with groups and organisations such as the G20, BBC, M&C Saatchi, ASOS, Uber, and EY, Akil has the ambition to continue working with larger organisations to provoke the right people within them to look at problems in a new light, affecting change at a greater scale.

Akil Benjamin

Nicole Bartlett

Design Sprints For Accelerated Change

You’ve spent months designing and developing a beautiful product; you love it, the client loves it. You hit the publish button with great enthusiasm, only to find out your imagined users don’t exist or worse, they do, but they hate your solution.

Rewind to the start of the project and imagine being able to present your ideas to your users after just four days. Nicole will be discussing how New Socks Media helped Network Rail to rapidly scale and fast-track their digital transformation using Design Sprints.

About Nicole

Nicole is a UI Designer and Design Sprint Facilitator at Milton Keynes based agency, New Socks Media. In 2017 Nicole decided to step away from the corporate world she was used to and set foot into the exciting, rapidly changing landscape that is the design agency. In her 8 years of industry experience she has designed everything from enterprise software to augmented reality experiences.

Nicole has a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design and Psychology and a past as a semi-professional golfer. In her spare time she is a passionate illustrator, recently completing her first children’s book, Sully’s Glow, which was published in March this year.

Nicole Bartlett

Christopher Murphy

Everything Is A Prototype

About Christopher

A designer, writer and speaker based in Belfast, Christopher works with purpose-driven businesses, helping them to grow and thrive. He encourages small businesses to think big and, just as importantly, he enables big businesses to think small.

The author of numerous books, he is currently hard at work on his eighth – ‘Designing Delightful Experiences’ – which focuses on the user experience design process from start to finish. It will be published by Smashing Media in 2019.

As a design strategist he works with companies, large and small, to help drive innovation, drawing on over 25 years of experience working with clients including: The BBC, Electronic Arts (EA) and Adobe.

Christopher Murphy

Ben Foxall

Browsing Lasers

We'll take some data from a 3d laser sensor, and see how the modern web platform has some great features for loading and presenting it.

Expect to see some live javascript, graphs, point clouds and hacks!

About Ben

Ben is a developer at Wayve where he helps build web-based tooling around the next generation of autonomous vehicles. He loves the web and exploring about new ways to interact with it.

Ben Foxall
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