MK Geek Night

#47 Mar 14 2024

18.30-23.00 (talks 19.30-22.00)

  • In-person event
  • Talks start 19:30

MKGN #47 will be held back in the Sky Room at MK Gallery on Thursday March 14th 2024. Doors open at 18.30 with our first speaker on stage around 19.30.

The bar stays open until 22:30 - 23:00 so stick around for drinks and chat.

We're looking for sponsors to help support the food and drink for this not-for-profit community event. Take a look at our opportunities.

The Sky Room at MK Gallery
900 Midsummer Boulevard
Central Milton Keynes

The what3words address is ///trespass.abruptly.hurtles
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Topics, speakers & schedule

Timings are approximate

Jahan Haroon

Stop Thief! Hands off my future!

Are you itching to look at your phone every few minutes? Good news! You’re not alone!

A recent study found that, despite their best efforts, half of the public can’t stop themselves from checking their smartphones when they should be focusing on other things. Our distractions are no accident. Giving them up is no easy path.

Think you can give yours up?

Procrastination, distraction, TLDR, content saturation and the general downbeat mood these days…accident or design? (or both?) How did we get here? What does the solution look like? What does this have to do with progress?

This talk is all about all of this and more importantly how you recapture and hold onto your focus. Focus secured, maybe we put it to good use through a more regenerative future?

About Jahan

Jahan is on a mission to address the challenge that modern work presents. Through Teamory, he works with teams to improve the quality and efficacy of work. His passion for designing around people has helped teams root out habits and nurture better ones to sustain more meaningful work. Work that is open, work that becomes a legacy of seamless, sustained success.

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Jahan has over 15 years of consultancy experience across government, energy, retail, finance, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing. He’s worked with global organisations to identify and land hundreds of millions of dollars of value through redesigning organisations, shaping and launching ideas as purpose led offerings. These have included services and products across FinTech, RegTech, Government, Energy and Manufacturing. Jahan was shortlisted for a prestigious global Energy Industry Innovative Technology Award for simplifying regulatory workloads through AI.

Jahan Haroon

Vanessa Burgar

Driving Design with Science

How can we really understand how an audience perceives our work and ideas? In this talk, Vanessa will explore ways we can tap into scientific thinking to optimise design work. Focusing on UX and related areas, we’ll consider how research methods can be readily adapted and deployed, common pitfalls and how to make the most of research results.

About Vanessa

Vanessa has 7 years’ experience in UX research, most recently in banking. Vanessa is passionate about helping others to develop skills in UX research, sharing insights and bringing the benefits of research to different disciplines and business functions. Vanessa holds a MSc in User Experience Design, and is a Chartered IT Professional and Qualified Teacher.

Vanessa Burgar
UX Research Specialist

David Sheldon-Hicks

Virtual Fashion+

David will talk about Territory's work with Nike and their .SWOOSH platform – A new community experience, designed to give creators the opportunity to design the future of Nike.

About David

David co-founded Territory Studio in 2010, a specialist studio that draws on expertise in narrative-led creative design to imagine, realise and build new worlds. Leading studio locations in the UK, the US, and in mainland Europe, David’s love of storytelling and technology, and his eye for emotive details have grown and established the studio’s reputation for beautifully crafted, design-led graphic narratives spanning all genres and media.

In 2022, David co-founded Territory Group, a global collective of creative businesses that includes Territory Studio and Cantina Collective, unlocking the further potential for success and capacity for growth.

In addition to winning Motion Awards and D&AD’s, Territory Studio’s work for Blade Runner 2049 was nominated for the annual Beazley Designs of the Year 2018 and work produced for Spiderman: Miles Morales was recognised at the Clio Awards 2022. In recognition of his creative approach and achievements, David was named as one of Creative Review’s Creative Leaders 50.

David Sheldon-Hicks
Founder & Exec. Creative Director


#47 Mar 14 2024


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