MK Geek Night MKGN #48 - June 6, 2024

#48 Jun 6 2024

18.30-22.30 (talks 19.30-22.00)

  • In-person event
  • Talks start 19:30

MKGN #48 will be held on Thursday June 6th 2024.

We're exciting to be hosting the June event at the South Central Institute of Technology, Sherwood Dr, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK3 6DR.

The SCIoT Campus is located a short walk from Bletchley train station and has parking on-site too.

Doors open at 18.30 with our first speaker on stage around 19.30. The bar stays open until 22:30 so stick around for drinks and chat.

We're looking for sponsors to help support this not-for-profit community event. Take a look at our opportunities.

Topics, speakers & schedule

Timings are approximate

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton

Black holes gone rogue!

Black holes are supposed to suck right? So why do we see so much escaping from them? In this talk, we are crossing the Event Horizon to a new vision of the cosmos that turns convention on its head with implications for everything from climate change to space travel.

About Manjir

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton is a former medical G.P. turned international speaker, entrepreneur and author of the books Punk Science and The Genius Groove. She was the presenter and co-producer of the TV show Hidden Science and has been featured on Channel 4, BBC Five Live, Asian Network as well as The Guardian and Sunday Express.

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton
Punk Science Author

Luke Murphy

Systems of Exclusion: Design systems and queer exclusion

Design systems are great. They help us create consistent, high-quality experiences, while also making us more efficient as teams. But what if the way we do design systems are also reinforcing systemic exclusion and othering? Luke will take us through both their and other folks' experiences of how our designs create discriminatory spaces, and suggest ways we can look through different lenses to make sure we aren't reinforcing the rubbish parts of our world by accident. It's not our fault as designers when we unintentionally reinforce bad things, but it is our responsibility to ensure that we aren't perpetuating systems of harm.

About Luke

Luke (they/them) currently leads the advocacy team at zeroheight. Before zeroheight, Luke has worked as an IC and leader in product design and advocacy teams at Memrise, Mr & Mrs Smith and Microsoft. They host the Design Systems WTF podcast and co-organise the WDC conference in Bristol. When they’re not shouting about design systems and designops, they are busy raising their 11-year-old son, shouting in a queer punk band or telling the world why Josie and the Pussycats is a criminally underrated film.

Luke Murphy
Designer, talker, illustrator & music-doer

Ben Tallon

Invisible Hands: Why real success can only be found in the unknown

In the data-saturated 21st century, humanity's fear of the unquantifiable has reached a fever pitch. Centuries' worth of parents have vomited upon hearing the words 'creative' and 'career' fall out of their children's faces because humans simply do not trust what they can't explain. But what about those beautiful, personal, unshakeable examples of unlikely triumph that we could never teach to another? The sense that invisible hands are helping us along when we walk the right path. Surely there is value in what we feel and know to be right. Ben Tallon attempts to make sense of his belief and experience that to lead a truly fulfilling life and a successful creative industry career, we have to look beyond mere risk management and reliable income streams and embrace the unknown.

About Ben

Ben Tallon is an illustrator, author, and host of The Creative Condition podcast, a weekly show exploring all aspects of creativity and the human condition.

He makes organic, energetic, impactful art and hand lettering for The New York Times, Channel 4, The Guardian, World Wrestling Entertainment, Bloomsbury Books, and The Premier League.

Ben’s passion for creativity as something bigger than artistic talent led to his debut book, Champagne and Wax Crayons, described by Designersblock’s Piers Roberts as “the book the creative industry needed’. The Creative Condition, his 2nd non-fiction book researched and written over a decade has been described as ‘an intimate and timely insight into the pivotal role of creativity as our guiding light during tumultuous times’ by Creative Boom founding editor Katy Cowan.

Ben Tallon
Illustrator & Author
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