Terms & Conditions

Transfers & Refunds

We won't be providing refunds. If you have purchased a ticket and can no longer attend, feel free to pass it onto someone else for free or for some payment (entirely up to you). Please do the right thing and don't try to seek profit on any tickets you have purchased, it's just not cool.


If we are forced to cancel the event, Milton Keynes Geek Night will refund your ticket cost with no penalties or other reductions. If the event is cancelled through events outside of our control such as, but not limited to, travel problems, strikes, the weather, acts of god etc. we will endeavour to refund as much of the ticket price as possible. Any fees incurred by cancellations of related commitments, including but not limited to travel and hotel reservations, cannot be paid by Milton Keynes Geek Night, and are your responsibility.

Photos, audio and quotes

We'll be taking photos and recording the audio of the talks, plus the odd bit of video to use in digital or printed materials. If you're attending an event you might end up in one of the photos. We reserve the right to make use of such photos and audio and to use your feedback — with the contributor being fully credited whenever possible, but if you have any questions about this then send us an email.

Drink tokens

Our generous MK Geek Night partners help to support our event in many ways, one of which is to often partially sponsor the bar for the night. This takes the form of printed drinks tokens which are distributed around the venue for attendees to use and benefit from. Attending one of our events does NOT give any attendee the right to a specific number of free drinks, it's just for fun and we hope everyone can benefit from it.

If we see any attendee abusing (in our opinion) this generous system, we reserve the right to warn the offender, or immediately expel and ban the offender from MK Geek Night.