Matthew Standage

Typography and Information

Typography is much more than choosing typefaces and the visual appearance of a page. Typography is the primary medium by which we communicate information to our users on the web. In this talk I will look briefly at ways in which we can use typographic design to support people’s understanding and improve their chances of finding content that is of interest to them. I hope by the end of talk to convince you that, regardless of your role, typography is too important to the experience of your site to ignore it.

About Matthew

Matthew is a UX Designer at Oxford Computer Consultants working on software, web and mobile apps for health, science, engineering and social care. Prior to this he spent four years studying typography and information design at the University of Reading. He is particularly interested in how we can use good design to improve people’s lives and aid informed decision making.

Neil Smith

Dark Energy: what is it?

"63% of the universe is dark energy": what does that mean? In just five minutes, I'll explain general relativity, the shape of space-time, and how dark energy fits in.

About Neil

Dr Neil Smith is a senior lecturer in the School of Computing and Communications at The Open University. His interests are artificial intelligence, data science, and computer science education. He currently teaches a module on data analysis and management. He's run a Code Club at a local school for several years and is a co-founder of the Milton Keynes Hackathon.

Christian Hambly

Can you bin Microsoft Office Day to day?

FreelanceGeek Ltd's business workflow is almost exclusively Markdown driven from documents to emails, data in tables and beyond. He shares how and why.

About Christian

Christian is an over enthusiastic Geek with over 20 years experience. Working as a geek for hire, he helps business & charities solve business problems with proactive IT solutions.

Melinda Seckington

The Marvel Guide For Developers

Forget ninja developers and rockstar developers. What I’m more interested in is the superhero developer: these are the developers that do their best to help others, that try to give back to their community, and generally make the world a better place.

So how can we all strive to be superhero developers? This talk will look at the lessons we can learn from Marvel superheroes on being better developers.

About Melinda

Melinda is a Ruby developer at FutureLearn, a social learning platform, and leads the team’s employee evangelism. She loves attending BarCamps, Hackdays and other tech meet ups, and since 2009 has been organising them at Geeks of London. She also writes at MissGeeky, a blog about all things geeky and girly. When she’s not busy with events or blogging, you can find Melinda curled up on her couch with a good book or video game.

Jake Archibald

Service Worker & Streams

About Jake

Jake is developer advocate for Google Chrome. He’s one of the editors of the service worker spec, so he’s into offline-first, push messaging and web performance.