Team MKGN to welcome these brilliant speakers to the MK Geek Night lineup for March 2018, and we're very grateful for their time. 

MKGN #24 will be held on Thursday March 1st 2018 - doors open at 19.00 with our first speaker on stage around 20.00. The talks usually finish around 22.00 to 22.30, but do hang around for drinks and chat.

Alison Coward

Building An Effective Team Culture

Workshops are a great way of encouraging creativity and collaboration in a focused way. But they can be so much more than a one-off event. Great workshops can also influence your team’s culture and improve how you work together for the long-term.

In this talk, Alison will explain what she means by “workshop culture”, how you can create it in your team, and of course, leave you with some practical tips for facilitating effective workshops.

About Alison

Alison Coward is the founder of Bracket and author of “A Pocket Guide to Effective Workshops”. She is a workshop facilitator, trainer and speaker. With over 15 years’ experience of working in, leading and facilitating creative teams, Alison is passionate about finding the perfect balance between creativity and productivity. At Bracket she helps teams to use the best of their talents to develop great ideas and collaborate to make them happen.

 Dan Goodwin

I made a video which a million people have watched. And you could too!

Five years ago, Dan *helped* to make a film (he's slightly misled you with the talk title, sorry / not sorry). And a few months ago 1 million people had watched it. And more people are watching it every day. Dan's a user researcher, so being involved in the creation of widely shared marketing video has left him with a case of imposter syndrome. In this talk Dan will share the story of how he got to this point and how you could too (spoiler: there are no magic secrets). Hopefully he'll show you the video too (it's really short).

About Dan

Dan is the user experience director at fffunction and loves bringing users into the design of anything and everything. He likes good coffee, good beer, and good and bad flapjacks.

Alistair Clark

Failing To Start A Business

You only ever hear from successful startup founders; what went right and how they managed to succeed. Ali is going to briefly discuss his many attempts to start a business, what went wrong and things he is going to avoid on his next attempt...

About Alistair

Ali is a Software Developer working in the Programmatic Ad Tech space. He is an aspiring speaker and hopes to speak at events all around the world. He'd like to eventually run his own (successful) company one day.

David Bailey

Talk Details TBC

About David

Creative Director, UX&D, BBC.

Formerly Kiosk and The Designers Republic.


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