MK Geek Night
10 years of MKGN ✌️

#41 Jun 16 2022

18.00-23.30 (talks 19.10-22.00)

  • In-person event
  • Talks start 19:30

We are VERY proud to be celebrating 10 years of MKGN in June with event #41 on Thursday 16th June, 2022. As normal, it will be held in the Sky Room at MK Gallery. Doors open at 18.00 with our first speaker on stage around 19.10.

We have several fabulous Partners who will be supporting which includes sponsoring the bar and food. We will be staying open to 23.30 so stick around for drinks, chat and to help us celebrate our 10th Birthday 🎈🎂🍾🙌

Say hello to our wonderful new Lead Partner for June, Incentivesmart — creating #RewardingRelationships.

The Sky Room at MK Gallery
900 Midsummer Boulevard
Central Milton Keynes

The what3words address is ///trespass.abruptly.hurtles
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10 years of MKGN ✌️

Topics, speakers & schedule

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Turning a Shit Sandwich into Foie Gras: The Making of Pâté

From growing up in a crap town, to research killing creativity, to pneumonia, Pâté talks us through the adverse moments that propelled him towards his goal of becoming a successful graphic artist.

About Paul

Pâté is a London-based graphic artist with a quick wit and a strong, simple aesthetic. Working to the mantra that the ‘Idea is King’, Pâté creates concept-led images and type compositions for a variety of commercial briefs.

Pâte’s innate ability to convert concepts into colourful and visually arresting images was honed over his successful career as an Advertising creative and Creative Director, with work that earned him over 130 industry awards, including the coveted D&AD Yellow Pencil twice. Now firmly established with nearly 10 years’ experience in the commercial Art landscape, Pâté enjoys a reputation of being masterful and ingenious with his concept-led images.

Pâté illustrates a weekly column in the Financial Times and has worked with a variety of clients including the BBC, Google, The New York Times, Transport For London and Virgin Media to name only a few. He's been shortlisted numerous times in the AOI World Illustration Awards, has sat on the lauded D&AD Awards jury and regularly lectures around the country on the power of visual imagery.

Graphic Artist

Dani Molyneux

I Don’t Want To Do It Like That. I Want To Do It Like This.

About Dani

Dani Molyneux is a typographic artist and designer. Working with clients in arts and culture, conscious brands, and corporates breaking the status quo. After working everyone else’s way, Dani wanted to work a different way. She launched Dotto® in 2017 to make meaningful work with good people. People who have something to say, and want to say it loud. Dotto is community, collaboration and taking up space. Powerful messages through playful type.

Dani Molyneux
Typographic Artist & Designer


Lobulo Studio: From Concept To Reality

About Lobulo

London-based Lobulo is a craftsman, animator, director and speaker. With almost two decades of experience partnering with various studios and agencies, Lobulo has been turning vibrant emotions and radical ideas into clear, elegant messages.

A master of making things, he uses tactile craft techniques to create photographic stills and animated films employing both live-action and stop-motion.

Since founding Lobulo Studio in 2008, Lobulo's creative life has been a continuous hustle of commercial, editorial, and personal work. He has collaborated on and coordinated projects with a wide roster of design and marketing teams. Having built an impressive portfolio of corporate clients such as Google, Coca-Cola, Lenovo and American Express, Lobulo frequently gives talks around the world on his life, inspirations and approach to design.

Craftsman, Animator and Director
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